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Jean-Baptiste Fine Art on Silk

Untitled design.gif
Hawksbill sea turtle art
St. Lucia parrot art
parrot fish painted on silk
St. Lucia Pitons art
white bird of paradise art
treefrog art
Eagle Ray art
koi fish art
Sailfish art
Sea turtle art
Wild Spotted dolphin art
Red canoe art
Blue Morpho butterfly art
Smallmouth grunt fish art
Chairman's Reserve Rum
Opal effect art

Silk painting artist Daniel Gabriel Angelo Jean-Baptiste of  Saint Lucia uses tropical nature as his inspiration and silk as his canvas. His creations reflect on the life of growing up in the beautiful tropical paradise of the Caribbean. His work is in the private art collections of golf champion Arnold Palmer, heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman, singer/songwriter Paul Simon, US President Bill Clinton, US President George W. Bush, South African President  Nelson Mandela, and CEO of Sandals Resorts Gordon "butch" Stewart.



I am a self-taught artist whose work is based on my childhood experiences growing up on a tropical island called Saint Lucia in the Caribbean.  A natural paradise of immense beauty.  My life is one that is so close to nature that I feel a part of all her splendour and mystery. When I paint I become my subject, from the tree frog in the mist of  Fond St. Jacques rainforest to the sea turtle gliding in the deep blue waters of Anse Chastanet Bay.


I do not just want to paint, but I want you to create so that you too can feel the intense joy that I experience in being here.  The colours, textures, and light are so intense and warm to the soul. Every painting I create captures a part of my life and I am honoured to share them with you.

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