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Daniel Jean-Baptiste is a Caribbean artist of Dutch Jewish, African Kalinago Carib descent who resides in St. Lucia and Canada. His art focuses on underwater scenes, game fish and their prey, tropical botanical themes, and exotic animals. He was inspired by his childhood spent fishing in Choiseul and hopes to bring attention to the beauty of his island home through his artwork. He uses 10mm Habotai silk as his canvas and is the originator of the shimmering light water technique, which involves painting with liquid paints on wet silk using Sumi bamboo brushes. The finished product is water-resistant and vibrant due to the translucency and natural luster of the silk.

 Artist Statement

As a self-actualized artist, my work reflects my childhood spent on the tropical island of Saint Lucia. Growing up in close proximity to nature has imbued me with a deep appreciation for its splendour and mystery. Through my paintings, I aim to convey this connection and invite the viewer to experience the same intense joy and warmth that I feel. The use of texture and light is crucial to this process, as I seek to create pieces that are not only visually appealing but also emotionally evocative. Each piece is a reflection of my life and a testament to the beauty of nature, and I am honoured to share it with you.

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