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Jean-Baptiste Silk Painting of a ST. LUCIA PARROT & CASHEW TREE

SIZE: 30" x 40"
MEDIUM: hand-painted silk
SERIES: 10 studies


A Saint Lucian parrot soars with grace

Through azure skies and sun-kissed space

Above a land of lush greenery

Beneath the Caribbean sun's potency

In flight, its feathers ablaze with hues

Of emerald, gold, and sapphire blues

A symphony of colours in motion

Fluttering in the island's oceanic notion

A cashew tree stands tall and proud

Its branches offer a shady shroud

A place for the parrot to rest and feed

A natural haven for its daily need

With beak to nut, it plucks a prize

A savoury snack to savour and surmise

Nature's bounty at its very best

A feast for this winged creature's quest

The Saint Lucian parrot takes to flight

Its beauty is a mesmerizing sight

A symbol of the island's vibrant soul

A treasure for all to behold.

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